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  • Jan Baxter

    Quite right, and Fitzroy is under-appreciated and unknown to many. Even though I am not a sailor or boating person, I appreciate the huge achievement he made and lives saved through his work. Long may we bang the gong for him!

    By Tramadol Online Uk
  • Pamela Witten

    I got my copy of ‘Attention All Shipping’ to look for a date but was interrupted by the telephone. I’ve been telling anyone who will listening that I wasn’t sure and was going to check the date – and here you are doing your thing. I take every opportunity to tell my grandsons about this great man and explain what he did for all of us not just shipping and sailors. Well done (Love the books by the way)

    Cheap Tramadol From India
  • Jean Day

    So pleased to read this, and know you still have your fighting hat on! Too many great men have been “lost” with the passage of time – and sloppy research and reporting. Keep up the good work, and keep producing those great books.

    Tramadol Online Texas
  • Bill Callaghan

    Well said mate. To a lifeboatman he’s the ultimate lifesaver, the sea can’t claim you if you’re not on it.
    To a depressive he’s a cautionary tale too; it’s no accident that the Beagle that chases away my “black dog” is called Fitzroy.

    Online Tramadol Overnight
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