OK, here I am, in my best suit, my hair neatly combed and wearing a big rosette with Vote Attention All Shipping on it. Probably best if I don’t kiss your babies, but now that I’m ‘on the stump’, please count this as my hustings.
The ‘Top 40 Audiobooks of All Time’ supplement is in today’s Guardian. I’ve not seen one yet but apparently they’ve spelled my name wrong all the way through. Ho hum. Either way, please please vote for Attention All Shipping. You can do it by going to this appropriately named website.
Click on ‘vote now’ and away you go. I’m about five books down on the ballot paper thingy. You know, the one where my name’s spelt wrong.
You’ve got until 18th July but hey, do it now, while you think of it. It’ll give you a warm feeling that you’ve done a good thing for the rest of the day. Even if they did spell my name wrong.
Thanks a million, you’re an absolute love.