…to quote the marvellous Inspector Kemp, the policeman in Young Frankenstein and indeed one of the great comedy cameos in cinematic history. While I haven’t exactly been ‘vollowing in my vada’s vootschtaps’ myself, nor even robbing graves to create a living creature (at least not for a good while now) my odysseys on the trail of a number of significant historical figures will, in marketing parlance, hit the shops in January. Which reminds me, I’d better put something up on the website about it. Or at least get Richard the Web Genius to do it for me.
But, wait, the imminent arrival of And Did Those Feet…: Walking Through 2000 Years of British and Irish History isn’t the biggest news of all. Well, it is in a way, but…. Oh anyway, the good news is that the book will be BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week in the first week in January (the week beginning the 5th I think). Long-term subscribers might remember that Attention All Shipping was also a Radio 4 Book of the Week, and the shops had trouble keeping up with the demand so here’s hoping for a similar stampede shopward of wireless devotees this time.
The thing I’m most excited about however is that apparently the reader will be Martin Freeman, aka Tim from The Office, aka Arthur Dent from the film of Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, aka the bloke out of Love, Actually. He’s, like, properly famous and everything.
Funnily enough my last Book of the Week was read by Tom Goodman-Hill, who was also in The Office playing the bloke who employed David Brent as a motivational speaker. Next time I’m demanding Gervais.
The long and the short of the book is that I embarked on a series of long walks following great journeys from history. Things like King Harold’s quick march from the Battle of Stamford Bridge to the Battle of Hastings, and Mary, Queen of Scots’ escape from Loch Leven Castle. It was probably the hardest bunch of journeys I’d done as they were all on foot rather than lounging around on a plane knocking back gin and tonics. You can’t beat a bit of genuine suffering in a travel book if you ask me.