Greetings from Sin City itself. I’ve just arrived in Vegas and am tapping away at this in my room at the Hilton twenty floors up with an amzing view across the city.
They have this weird internet-through-the-TV thing here, which is a bit weird as it’s all strangely out of focus on the screen so please excuse typos.
Memphis was amazing and I didn’t want to leave. However, I’m off to see Barry Manilow tonight (which is still tomorrow here, or something. I can’t cope with all these time zones) which certainly promises to be a musical highlight. Possibly.
They’re Masnilow mad at the Hilton. His face is on the keycards and he even has his own shop in the lobby. There’s also a Pizza Hut in the lobby that delivers to the rooms, which is very dangerous.
OK, it’s 11pm here and I must get some shuteye to be spruce and alert for Big Bazza tomorrow.