I’m still reeling. I’m giddy. My mouth’s hanging agape. Charlton won. Away from home. It’s news that’s still reverberating around the world. Can we stay up? Or will Charlton do their usual trick of building up my hopes that they’ll actually achieve something before dashing them cruelly and mercilessly against the rocks of reality? Like they’ve been doing for the last 29 years and I still don’t learn? Very probably.
Richard the Genius, web guru extraordinaire, has made a few changes to the picture gallery including lots from my Elvis travels. So once you’ve bought the book you can stop by here and put some faces to names. You are buying the Elvis book aren’t you? Good.
OK, back to my ukulele practice. The radio interviews for In Search of Elvis start this week, and my publicist has let slip that I can murder Blue Moon Of Kentucky on the uke. Oh dear. Oh deary, deary dear. Still, if I practise for 24 hours a day for the next forty years, maybe I’ll be able to play like this.