I’m in a roadside motel on the fringes of Tupelo, Mississippi. I’m bleary-eyed, unshaven, bloodshot, nearly insane with jetlag – and I’ve only been here about sixteen hours.
Still, I’ve already had one of those experiences that restores your faith in human nature. I flew here via Atlanta, Georgia (officially the world’s busiest airport, fact fans) but, as happened to me in Uzbekistan, my bags failed to follow me. However, two great blokes from Tupelo airport called Perry and Jason told me not to worry, as they’d probably be on the evening flight. Now, normally they deliver lost luggage only between 11am and 4pm, but blow me down if, within half an hour of the evening flight touching the Tupelo tarmac, Jason turned up at the motel with my luggage. I like this country already.
Right, better crack on. Just had a most unfulfilling breakfast described as ‘deluxe’ even though the plates and cutlery were of finest polystyrene, and a long day of aimless walking and getting lost in Tupelo awaits.
In the meantime, I’ve been having fun among the pre-dawn jetlag with this site.