Well, there are about seven hours left of 2005 as I write this, and what a splendid year it’s been. Attention All Shipping was the third biggest-selling travel book of the year behind Michael Palin and Ewan MacGregor, telly people put me on prime time television and, perhaps most importantly, I rediscovered the charms and allure of salt’n’vinegar Hula Hoops.
2006 is going to have a frantic start, as I shall be on the Elvis trail in north America for virtually the whole of January. I’ve spent today booking flights, accommodation and, most excitingly of all, a ticket to see Barry Manilow at the Las Vegas Hilton. It’ll be a strange experience, not least because for once I won’t have the biggest nose in the room.
So, while everyone’s freezing their vitals off here in January, I shall be giving it the full rock-a-hula in Hawaii. It’s a tough old life. Incidentally, any burgling folk who are planning to use the information that I’ll be away for a month to go to the Whois website, find out where I live and empty the house should note that I haven’t lived at that address for more than a year. All you’ll do is startle the nice Nigerian couple who moved in after I moved on.
While I’m swanking around casinos, beaches and snazzy shows, my pal and colleague Polly Evans will be freezing her vitals off in the Yukon training with a dogsled racing team. Polly’s started a blog, so you can compare and contrast my lazing around in nice places with Polly’s hard graft in the Arctic here.
As a miserable old sod, I’m not a big one for Christmas. However my sister, who is currently working hard opening an art gallery in Brighton, bought me The Five People You Meet In Heaven – a really lovely book that doesn’t take long to read.
A happy new year to one and all.