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  • Andi

    I am the great grand daughter of Nat Clifford. I can fill in a few of the gaps if you want to email me. I would like to have email contact with the previous person who commented.

    Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex
  • Richard East

    It’s me again. I now know exactly who Nat Clifford was and, if Andi is English, I have probably also found her grandmother, Nat’s first-born daughter to his first (and possibly only legal) wife. He had at least three more daughters but they were last heard of in California. I would be happy to be put into email contact with Andi using the email address supplied above. I’m afraid his IMDb biography will need to be largely rewritten!
    Are you aware of a BBC radio play about Nat Clifford from 2002? It stars a major English comedian called Roy Hudd and was written by Glenn Mitchell who is the writer on silent comedy films who is referenced in the IMDb article. The play is a fictionalised account (I’m not sure there is any other sort when it comes to Nat) of his life but it contains some insights. Glenn clearly didn’t believe the ‘born in Troy, NY’ info.

    Tramadol Overnight Shipping Visa
  • Andi

    Hi Richard,
    I’m Andi, and yes I am English and have a copy of my Grandmother’s birth certificate which shows her to be Frank Ernest Edwards daughter. Would like to contact you by email if Charlie would kindly put us in touch.

    Tramadol 100 Mg For Sale Online
  • Glenn Howard

    Hello, my name is Glenn Howard and I am related to Frank Terry as well. My grand mother Lillian Vivian Howard was the daughter of Frank Terry also known as Frank Edwards and Nat Clifford, she had two other sisters.

    Tramadol Buyers
  • Glenn Howard

    My grandmother, I called her Nana used to talk about the scandal between her father Frank Edwards and the William Bolles family. Frank Edwards gave her his last name. They used to live in Brighton England, she had two sisters named Madeline and Francis which moved to California. She had a family album that had invitations to the king and queens ball addressed to William Bolles and his wife, he was an afluent conductor in the orchestra and his wife which I’m assuming was Frank Edwards wife as well was an opera singer.

    By Tramadol Online Uk
  • Andi

    Dear Glenn,
    Goodness me! Not sure how many families Frank Edwards must have had! He abandoned my own grandmother who was his first daughter in London. I’m not sure he ever did get divorced from her mother. He was also suspected of later committing bygamy 3 times in Australia! I guess these things were much easier to hide in a non Facebook digital age.

    Cheap Tramadol From India
  • Richard

    Welcome to Charlie’s blog about Nat Clifford/Frank Terry. Since I posted on 18 October last year I haven’t done much more research though I have been able to track down the US census records for Nat (as Frank Ernest Edwards) living in Pasadena, California but I had drawn a blank in trying to track down what happened to his daughters. I agree with Andi that it is unlikely that Nat was ever legally married to your great-grandmother. It’s also unlikely that he ever became an American citizen other than by just saying he was. I have a record of your great-grandmother leaving England for New York in January 1923 following a stay at an address in Hove, East Sussex, where by chance I also live, but your grandmother Lillian, who would have been 23, was not with them on this visit. Lillian was born in England, probably in Brighton but I’ve been unable to verify this, but Madeline and Frances were both born in the States. I must see what I can find out about William Bolles and his wife.

    Tramadol Online Texas
  • Glenn Howard

    Hi Richard and Andi
    I knew he had a colorful history but I never imagined what I have just read!! My 2nd cousin ended up getting my Grandmothers Family Album and my great grandfathers (William Bolles) silver tipped Baton he used while performing in the Orchestra. I have lost contact with him, his name is Bob Schmidt and goes by the name Bobby and used to live in Arcadia California, he also has a sister in Perris California. They didn’t have any children, he’s the son of France’s which I called her Aunt Franki. I’ll try to see if I can reach him.
    I don’t think my Nana knew all his history because she looked up to him for giving her his last name which was Edwards. She also talked about how her Mother and Charlie Chaplan were very close friends and the liked to go shopping together.
    My nana ended up moving to Hawaii and marrying my grand father Earl Howard and later to move to Downey then ending up in San Diego.

    Online Tramadol Overnight
    • terry mortimer

      hello Glenn, please see my posting on charlie connelly website about Frank Edwards/Terry/Nat Clifford would be great to hear from a relative as I have a lot to share too as a private researcher cheers terry

      Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk
  • Glenn Howard

    What was your great grandmothers name? I’m curious if it’s my great grand mother as well.
    Thx Glenn

    Tramadol Online Best Price
  • Glenn Howard

    I believe my great grandmothers name was Lillian Mary Edwards.

    Can I Get Tramadol Online
  • terry

    hi there I am a private individual in Kent England who researches for non commercial purposes stars of the old british muic hall.Nat Clifford is known to have had a colourful past but how much of it is apocryphal is not clear. But I was really pleased to see relatives of Nat contributing and it would be fantastic for me to glean a bit more info on Nat and his past and his relationships etc if anyone was willing to indulge a sad researcher!! If anyone is then very glad to exchange e mails and see where we get to! I have access to a lot of contemporary theatrical stuff so could help with professional details maybe and i have some nice coloured published music sheets with Nat portrayed on the cover,cheers terry

    Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight
  • Andi

    Hi Terry,
    I’m the great granddaughter of Natt Clifford. I’m happy to have some email contact.
    Best wishes

    Tramadol Cheap Overnight Fedex
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