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  • David Weston

    My favourite memory of Sir Chis Powell also came against Coventry.
    This time in 2008 – his last home game as a Charlton player. Entering as a substitute with five minutes to, Parkinson playing him higher up the pitch and Charlton 3-1 up. I remember saying to my brother, “Powell has to score, here”. And sure enough he pops up in the box with an emphatic left foot volley. His third goal for the club. (I remember also witnessing his first v Spurs at the lane)
    Needless to say, the Valley erupted like nothing I’d witnessed before in the previous 10+ years I’d attended the Valley! A beaming Sir Chris was hoisted on to the shoulders of his team-mates as the fans sounded their appreciation, not just for the goal but his years of dedicated service to the team. A memorable moment for a giant of a man.
    Like you, Charlie, I will never forget the injustice served out to Sir Chris this week regardless of what the future has in store for the season and the next. It is a sucker-punch served to a man who lives, breathes and eats Charlton. I hope, and I’m sure, it won’t be the last we see of Chris around the club.
    Tramadol Ordering

    Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex
  • Emma

    Wonderful article. We salute you Chrissie Powell!

    Tramadol Buyers
  • Rick Everitt

    Nice article, Charlie. Difficult times – again.
    Shame we fell out. Doesn’t sit well with me, but you’ll always have my respect.

    By Tramadol Online Uk
  • Malcolm Porter

    An excellent article. All Sir Chris needed was the occasional experienced word in his ear, instead of which he got the push. However, he has moved to other places before and come back when the ‘transients’ have moved on – let’s hope he returns once more!

    Cheap Tramadol From India
  • Maurice Vickery

    Lovely piece Charlie,not very often that people with integrity like Sir Chris Powell are recognised
    in this beautiful game of ours, thanks again Charlie, Sir Chris will get what he deserves elsewhere,
    very proud that he was a member of our club.

    Tramadol Online Texas
  • Evan Bartlett

    A fitting tribute Charlie.
    Not often that a manager’s departure from a club sat at the bottom of the table and having just suffered a deflating cup defeat is met with such universal disappointment. CP has a long, and hopefully successful, managerial career ahead of him – I just hope a part of that future will be back at the Valley…

    Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk
  • Doug Chapman

    Very well put, Charlie.
    Chris Powell’s integrity shines throughout your column.

    Tramadol Online Best Price
  • Nigel Pamment

    This article speaks to me, it speaks for me. Thank you Charlie C.

    Can I Get Tramadol Online
  • Vincent

    Lovely piece, and while I agree with the sentiments, I cannot agree that there was anything classy about the team selection at Bramall Lane that saw us leave the cup in such a supine manner. If CP picked that side without RD signings as some sort of protest, it was not in the best interests of CAFC. Hopefully he just picked the side he thought best suited to the game – and get it wrong. But if he didn’t pick Ajdaravic because he was associated with RD, then he’s done us a disservice – and I hope he wouldn’t do that.

    Buying Tramadol In Mexico
  • John Morris

    Excellent article, as was Martin Samuel’s in Wednesday’s Daily Mail. What I cannot understand is that there is a section of Charlton fans who see this as a bright new dawn with the prospect of flowing football overseen by a European coach – West Brom and Fulham aren’t doing so well are they!! They feel that the owner, because he has invested in the club can do what he likes – which ,I guess to a point is true. However, in business, if you treat your customers with contempt you will lose them (according to a poll conducted at the Huddersfield game, 80% of Charlton fans are unhappy with the way Chris Powell was treated). Many are not renewing their season tickets – me included – so the club’s revenue will suffer. Whether or not the owner cares, I don’t know, but in my opinion, the there are clouds on the horizon and we could be returning to those dark days at Selhurst Park and attendances barely reaching 7,000. I hope I am wrong but I do not think so, the covered end are not very happy with the demise of a club legend and many may boycott games in the future.
    Thanks again for the article.

    Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery
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