It’s a glorious day on the Irish coast today. I’ve got the doors to the balcony flung open and the sun’s glinting off the sea in a highly agreeable manner. It’s the kind of day on which the lark needs to be on the wing and the snail on the thorn. The economy may be going down the loo, yeah, the banks may be in crisis and are people losing jobs everywhere you look, but it’s a day for glad hearts and refreshed spirits. This being Ireland though, this will be the summer. Today. That’s it. We’ve had it. It’ll be rain, sleet and gales for the rest of the year now, you mark my words. As I tell everyone who asks, I moved to Ireland for the climate and the strong economy.
Now that I’m back doing TV again I’m learning more about what does and doesn’t make good television. Pacing, set-ups, narrative, all that kind of thing. It’s easy to get so hung up on theory though that you forget that television is all about magic. That indefinable something that can capture your attention in your own home and leave you thinking, wow, I’ve witnessed something there. Something affecting. Something unforgettable.
I think I have found the greatest piece of television ever broadcast. Nothing could match this. Enjoy, and wonder again at the magic of television.
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