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Surprisingly for someone who spends most of his time either alone and typing or alone in some remote, rain-lashed outcrop miles from anywhere, I love going out and giving talks to rooms full of people.

In the past I’ve lectured to a sell-out audience at the Royal Geographical Society, been a regular and popular speaker at The Oldie magazine’s literary lunches (where I’ve appeared alongside the likes of Kate Adie, Michael Winner* and the late, great Eric Sykes), I’ve sold out talks at major literary events such as the Edinburgh International Book Festival and attracted large audiences at a range of venues and events including the Boat Show, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the National Maritime Museum.

Me, loving going out and giving a talk to a room full of people, somewhere, once.

“I invited Charlie to speak at the National Maritime Museum when I was the Director and at a dinner of The Anchorites when I was President. He was lively, witty and a huge success on both occasions. As an author, broadcaster and raconteur he is forging a notable reputation for delivery; through all his very considerable success in recent years he has remained delightfully understated, splendidly self-effacing and an all-round jolly good cove. His is a career ascending: do invite him to speak now, while he is still affordable.”
Roy Clare, former Director, National Maritime Museum

I’ve also given countless talks in bookshops and at literary festivals across Britain and Ireland, from Aberdeen to Guernsey; Galway to Folkestone.

“Running literary events across the UK, it has been my privilege to have met and worked with some of the best writers and speakers, and I count Charlie Connelly among them. His gentle, unassuming and warm nature belies his strength as a great speaker and someone who is born to tell a story that is informative, highly entertaining and always very funny. “
Ben Jackson, Event Co-Ordinator, Private Eye/The Oldie

Me, loving going out and… oh, you know.

So, if you have an event at which you’d like your audience left agreeably entertained or just distracted from the state of the carpet for a bit, whether it’s a formal black tie dinner, corporate event, literary society or a gathering in a room above a pub, I could well be your man.


I have talks tailored to each of my books (the Attention All Shipping one is particularly popular) that can be as long or as short as you require and also more general talks, both motivational and, well, probably demotivational, but with some good jokes and fascinating stories thrown in.

If you’d like me to come and speak at or host your event please drop me a line via this form on the contact page.

He had a pop at me in his Sunday Times column afterwards, something of which I’m quite proud. All I’ll say is, nobody nodded off at their table during *my* bit.

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