First there was the zombie literary mash-up. Now there are the erotic ones. As someone who has always had an eye for the main chance I plan to exploit this zeitgeisty genre to the full and am already, ah, beavering away on a range of saucy versions of great books. Here are some of the titles I’m planning to release before this particular publishing bubble bursts:
Robinson Cruiser
Big Dorrit
Westward Hoes
Tequila Knocking Bird
Adam Bed
The Sixty-Nine Steps
On The Rogering Of Species
Barechester Towers
A Christmas In Carol
Around The World In Eighty Lays
For Whom The Bell Ends
The Lay Of The Triffids
Swallow An Amazon’s
I’ve An Ho
The Book Of Laughter And Fellating
The Executioner’s Dong
The Mount Of Monte Cristo
David Cop A Feel
And of course anything by Rider Haggard.