Felicitations of the holiday season to all, and indeed sundry. I trust that like me everyone is full of turkey, brandy and Quality Street and basking in the seasonal midwinter glow with a full tummy and imminent hangover. That’s the condition you find me in at any rate.
My first Irish Christmas has been a dandy. Which is handy. It could have gone bandy. Christmas Day saw a stroll to the beach at the end of the road to watch the lads from the local GAA team jump off the bridge and into the sea, while wearing santa hats and very little else. It was all for charity, so as well as the warm feeling of supporting something worthwhile there was the added relief that it wasn’t me plunging into the icy brine and the astonishing realisation that there are people with even paler skin than me.
Anyway, to matters of less important note. My new book And Did Those Feet: Walking Through 2000 Years of British and Irish History officially hits the shops in the first week of January, although my friend Kerry reported a sighting in deepest darkest Kent a full week before Christmas so you may find them elsewhere already too. Most excitingly of all, of course, it will be BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week in the week beginning January 5th. I believe it’s being read by Martin Freeman, who is, you know, proper famous and everything.
Now, on a housekeeping note, the publishing world shut down last week for the long winter holiday and won’t re-open until January 5th. Publishing folk make teachers look like they work hard, I can tell you. This means that there’ll be nobody in Little, Brown’s publicity department until that date. In the event of any press enquiries about the book in the meantime, please contact me via the contact page here.
I’m in the process of signing up for another book, which is handy as that’s kinda what I have to do for a living, and 2009 promises to be busy in lots of ways, with the pipeline currently bulging thanks to various television, radio and writing projects that may well come to fruition in the coming year.
I’ll even be starting my own podcasts. Well, once I’ve got to grips with all the knobs, dials and software I will be anyway. My usual method of dealing with new technology – poking it with a broomhandle through a crack in the door – hasn’t worked so far, so I shall have to hunker down and get to grips with the whole rannygazoo in order to impose my beardstroking musings about matters trivial on the ears of the world at large. I bet you can’t wait, eh? Eh? Oh.
Anyway, I should let you get back to the filleting the turkey carcass in order to fill one last sandwich.
More news as it happens: stay tuned to this channel, sports fans.