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  • stuart

    Great work Charlie and very very true. Maybe KM & RD should read it and try to understand what it means to be one of us (or any other football fan TBF)
    On a footnote – WE WILL WIN ROLAND..!!

    Can I Get Tramadol Online
  • Franco

    The best piece I’ve read on this sorry state of affairs. An absolute must read fot all Charlton fans.

    Online Tramadol Australia
  • PassItToLeaburn

    Brilliant. Eloquently encapsulates all that is wrong with this regime full of no hopers with no idea of why a football club actually exists in the first place. Strip away the dreams and the sporting ambition and there is no point. You can balance the books by simply shutting down – without the hopes and dreams that you describe then you might just as well.

    Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery
  • Steve MItchell

    Excellent piece Charlie. Wonderfully written and poignantly sums up the feeling of so many supporters, young and old. I share so many of the same memories and despite having lived overseas for the past twelve years, my support of the club has remained undiminished and I’m sure I feel just as irked about what’s happening at Charlton as all the season ticket holders and regular attendees. Roland and Katrien beware. Unlike most football teams that Charlton have played this year, you will be defeated.

    Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight
  • David from Bexley

    Superb article!
    I saw my first match at the Valley in January 1962 and it changed my life forever.

    Tramadol Cheap Overnight Fedex
  • Pete Christopher

    So, so, true.
    It’s your story, but my story too, and that of lots of other fans. We cannot let this club be dragged to its death by the Belgian software magnate. ROLAND OUT!

    Tramadol Usaonline Biz
  • Rick

    Absolutely brilliant piece. I’ll raise a glass later to your Uncle Phil, he’ll be proud of you I’m sure.

    Order Tramadol Online Us
  • Dennis Stevens

    This is a masterpiece and encapsulates everything that is going on at the present.
    Please publish this in full in Voice of the Valley so that more can read it. Also post it to Duchebag and Liar Liar so that they can read it first hand. You never know it might just be the thing that rams the message home.

    Tramadol Cheap Uk
  • Charlie

    Thanks for all the comments, you lovelies. We WILL get our Charlton back.
    Have made a couple of small edits since posting this: for a start I’d managed to spell ‘Duchatelet’ wrong all the way through (I didn’t get where I am today without a close eye for detail) so have corrected that. I also called him a ‘software’ magnate. While checking the spelling I happened upon his Wikipedia page and noticed that ‘micro-electronics’ is probably more accurate than ‘software’ but I don’t understand brainy computer things. I still shout, “It’s witchcraft, I tell you!” when the toaster pops up.

    Tramadol For Dogs Online
  • Jane G

    Bawling my eyes out!
    My addiction began 39 years ago, at the age of 4, so you’ve described my history too.
    Perfect piece that sums up Duchatelet’s mess.

    Tramadol Online India
  • William Grothier

    Just a great article,feel I’m going to Bunley game will be my last.
    But no, it’s knowing there are fans who love our club as I do.
    Thanks for writing, wish I could put my feelings as well as that.

    Tramadol Online Prescription Uk
  • Chris

    Brilliant article. I have a tear in my eye after reading this and remembering walking back down Floyd Road to our first game back at our home and standing in Wembley not daring to believe that we had just beaten Sunderland and was playing in the Premiership next season. I have followed the lads since 1961 both home and away.

    Cheap Tramadol For Dogs
  • Charlie

    On the subject of my Uncle Phil, talk of the red and white flowers on his coffin reminded me of something else.
    The red and white flowers were mine and somebody, probably my nan, had selected them to place on his coffin for the burial at Falconwood cemetery. I’d wrapped a Charlton scarf around them too, one issued the first time we were relegated from the Premier League that had a suitably upbeat slogan on one side. The scarf had been carefully arranged around the flowers on Phil’s coffin so this slogan was visible to everyone at the graveside.
    Now, he was being buried in the same grave as his father, my grandfather, who’d died many years earlier. So, as uncle Phil’s coffin was lowered into the grave to join his father, there on the scarf on top of the coffin, in great big white letters, was the slogan, “WE’LL BE BACK!”.
    He’d have bloody loved that.

    Tramadol 50 Mg Buy
  • GlynH

    Great article – it deserves a wider audience How about a punt with the national papers, letter to the Times etc.
    Frankly, what has happened at CAFC over the past two years goes beyond football and should have the widest audience
    Best Wishes

    Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight
  • Neal

    Thank you so much Charlie
    A brilliant writer says the things you feel in your heart and your soul that you know to be true. At least for this boy from South London you are a brilliant writer.
    Me? I just cant help believing!

    Tramadol Mastercard
  • Lee Crawford

    Very well put and says All that needs to be said. The only bit that I take exception to is the pathetic old cliche that we were punching above our weight in the premier league. We were there season after season because we DESERVED to be. The points tally proved it. Until Dowie came in – the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally
  • Martin P

    I can only echo the comments here that that is brilliantly written, and the ending sent an emotional shiver down my spine.
    My first game was at the Valley on 1st May 1993 as an 11 year old with my Dad and I can remember the goals vividly, I remember the taste of the sweets I was eating and the noise of the Covered End. Though my Dad is still here my Grandad is not, and Charlton Athletic is a bond which runs strongly through my family even though we are now scattered far and wide from South East London.
    Any fool with more money than I can imagine can buy a football club, but the emotional ownership of the fans is stronger than any deeds or contracts.
    Thank you so much for sharing, I hope one day I can raise a pint with you to your uncle Phil.

    Order Tramadol American Express
  • Charlie

    Lee – of course we deserved to be in the Premier League. We were there entirely on merit and the points totals every season proved it. But for a club with our ground capacity, turnover and budget. we were unquestionably punching above our weight. And winning. And that makes the achievement an even greater source of pride. Not a cliche, just the truth.
    Agree about Dowie. Dreadful appointment that probably came more from Murray’s desire to get one over Simon Jordan than the best interests of the club and Murray’s not exactly redeemed himself since.

    Online Tramadol Store
  • Bob Lawrence

    As if I haven’t shed enough tears of frustration recently!
    Beautiful, passionate and painfully true, Charlie.

    Purchase Tramadol Overnight Delivery
  • Ray Bates

    Brilliantly put Charlie, but I’m beaten. I went through the Sellout park days without the proverbial pot to use, the days where we sold players to survive. But what we always had was, we were working together for the cause. These people haven’t a clue what its about, they’ve rocked this club to its very foundations and its so very sad. Until they’ve gone. 🙁

    Tramadol Orders
  • Richard Hunt

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your stuff, but this is an absolute tour de force. I thought I knew all the reasons why this regime is bad, but you’ve provided perhaps the most important one. They are trying to destroy our dreams.
    We cannot allow them to do this. As you say, we can and will win.
    The arrogance of certainty indeed. A great line which we should all adopt.
    Stand firm everyone, support all the organised groups. We can see him off.

    Tramadol Canada Online
  • Emma

    So eloquently put. ‘Clients’ would not understand, just as KM & RD don’t understand but fans do. Don’t stop believing.

    Order Tramadol Online Canada
  • Dave

    I loved reading your soul as a Charlton fan. Remarkably similar to mine after following our team since 1957.
    The disappointment of this season has been the worst in my memory as it was so avoidable. Coupled with an owner and CEO seemingly devoid of football experience who have shown unbelievable arrogance and complete contempt for the unique set of fans who follow Charlton Athletic.
    Thank you for those eloquent words which sum up the Charlton experience under these misfits, and so much more. I too had a tear in my eye at the end. Uncle Phil did a good thing taking you to The Valley. Had he not we would not have enjoyed your fine words which we can all associate with.

    Tramadol Online Next Day Delivery
  • Kate

    Great article, sums up how so many fans feel. I’ve been going for nearly 50 years, seen it all but this owner has torn the heart from this club. Sad, so very sad. They should read this, perhaps then they may just understand although i doubt it.

    Tramadol Buy Cod
  • Peter Taylor

    Nice one Charlie. “In the Shadow of the Dome, the History of the Pilot Football Club” never become a best seller. I think I should have used you as a ghost writer.
    Best wishes

    Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online
  • Terry McCahey

    Great piece Charlie. Have been following Charlton since da took me to my first games at the age of 4 in 1970. I’ve been used to seeing us yo-yo in those years from 2nd to 3rd and back again. Paddy Powell was always my hero, but watching Simonsen rip apart Chelsea from the East Terrace (one of my few times watching from there) was special.
    That Ipswich match remains in the memory so vividly. I was lucky enough to have met Peter Varney and a few other lads, who have become good friends over the years, after we returned to The Valley. Pete sat behind us in the North at the time. Years later, he had invited us in to the lounge after that game and we had a great night. We were invited to the boardroom, through another friend, that day, so it was a very special day.
    From a club that knew how to behave and look after its’ fans to the sad, sorry state that we are today is nothing short of a disgrace. You’re scarf was so right though…We Will Be Back! And your Uncle Phil will be smiling down on you and OUR club on that day!

    Tramadol Buy Europe
  • David Bingham

    Brilliant Charlie – (wipes away tear).
    I have been going for 49 years – Douchebag and nightMeire have ripped the heart of our club.
    The sooner we force them out the better.
    #ctid #getoutofourclub #wewantourcharltonback

    Cheap Tramadol Mastercard
  • Barry

    Sums everything up so eloquently.
    Thank you Charlie.
    The owner is temporary . We the fans are permanent with our love for the club passed from generation to generation. To coin the old phrase – we shall not be moved.
    We are Charlton till we die God bless us everyone.

    Tramadol Online Paypal
  • William

    Sorrry, but this is histrionic crap. You complain about Meire’s “vacuous phrases” but you have just topped her in hollow grandstanding, Charlie. “The worst Charlton team (you)’ve ever seen,”? You must be some johnny-come-lately glory seeker if you honesly belief that (and you seem like an intelligent chap so I’m assuming the comment was for rheotical effect – but your problem is that such OTT nonsense devaues everything else you say). I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Charlton relegated., so same-old same-old. Time to grow some balls, man-up and support our club regardless of whoever owns it. That’s market capitalism, pal!

    Cheap Tramadol Cod Overnight
  • Peter Adams

    Wow, brought tears to my eyes. Been a supporter since the 50’s, but haven’t been to the ground for some years as I’m in Australia. This is so eloquent and passionate and it is this passion that will ensure we win. My personal motto is Never Ever Give Up and I believe that Charlie’s article will manifest itself through our community and inspire all of us. Thank you for putting this out there

    Purchasing Tramadol Online
  • Robert Blowers

    GREAT,bought a tear to my eye too,been charlton fan for 38 years unfortunately I now live in Newcastle but do get to see the team at least 6 times a year,I speak to many George’s up here about it and there support all the hard work CARD are putting in,KEEP IT UP GUYS

    Order Tramadol Cod Saturday Delivery
  • JVL

    Excellent piece, Charlie, very moving and emotive.
    This is my fourth relegation, and by far the most avoidable and futile, but eventually the arrogant old fool must get bored and move on to a new hobby to not be very good at.
    We live in hope.

    Buy Cheap Tramadol With Mastercard
  • Doug Chapman

    Very well said, Charlie.
    Roland does not know or care about Charlton’s history.
    Charlton may not win very many leagues, but they know how to win campaigns!
    Up the Addicks!

    Tramadol Buy Online Cheap
  • Leisa Search

    An amazing piece of writing Charlie that encapsulates everything we are feeling – the anger, desperation and hope. However, the beacon of light is our steadfast resilience that we absolutely will win this fight and, indeed, we will get our Charlton back.

    Tramadol Order Online Cod
  • Snowo

    We have a vacancy for a Director of Communications !!
    HUMBLE PIE KM – Words, memories and sentiments something you’ll never ever have in your locker. We WILL get our Charlton back.
    PS I’ll even pay for your Eurostar ticket.

    Tramadol Buy Online
  • Perry

    Ah -William, banned from CL so over here trolling now. Very sad. Nice one Charlie, sums up well how 95% of the real support feels.

    Tramadol Buy Australia
  • Mark

    great piece, unbelievably I have been coming to Charlton for 25 years, had 2 children, seen them both my kids grow up and lost both my parents in that time. Walked down Burtn Ash Hillafter the greatest final

    Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping
  • Mark

    sorry sent before it was finished and word-checked will try again

    Uk Tramadol Online
  • Simon A.C. Martin

    Beautifully written and echoes so much of everything that all we Charlton fans share. Family, family values, those moments of pure elation and the majority sitting quietly and patiently for those sort of moments.
    Thank you for sharing this, it’s a tribute to your love for Charlton and – one Charlton fan to another – we will never give up the fight.

    Can You Buy Real Tramadol Online
  • Christopher Farley

    Fantastic article Charlie. 15 years also since I left those shores; it seems like yesterday and it seems like a hundred years.

    Tramadol Order Overnight
  • RonT

    Excellent and profound piece which sums up being a Charlton Fan superbly!!
    I’ve been through all these in nearly 20 years, 15 as a season ticket holder, and never experienced such lows as the past couple of years have been!
    For William ( your sole critic) I would say there is no place for “market capitalism” in football as we will undoubtedly find next season when players like Solly, Henderson, Cousins, Lookman, Gudmonsson and Harriet are playing for other Clubs in Divisions above us having realised the owners financial worth in his investment!
    The current owner will only leave when he has sucked the financial heart from “Our” Club and only then will I and true Charlton Fans be able to reclaim and rebuild it!

    Tramadol Online Cod Fedex
  • David Hartley

    As a Bradford City supporter who knows about the dreaded drop all the way down the leagues, to the point of almost going out of the league may I first say what an incisive piece, so well written.
    We were lucky in having two local business men who were from this city and supporters too and they’ve kept us afloat. As you so eloquently stated it’s about the passion and the dreams and City were lucky we had the backing of two directors with both.

    Tramadol Purchase Uk
  • Colin Steel

    Extremely well written Charlie and sums up perfectly the debacle that has been the RD/KM/RM roadshow for the past 2 years.
    Whoever ‘William’ is & wherever he resides (I hope he is not the William I know from Belgium- although the grammar and spelling hint at an overseas person) I would assume that he too frequents the Valley as often as RD does.

    Can You Purchase Tramadol Online Legally
    • Charlie

      Colin, nothing untoward and certainly not a reflection of specific content – every comment is automatically sent for moderation just to check it’s not spam.

      Order Tramadol Cod Only
  • Raphael

    Great article, well put. I am a Charlton fan myself and I feel that I am being forced to accept this philosophy of simply providing talent to the premier league. I detest this. It is obvious that the owners do not care about the club at all. It is disgusting. WE WANT OUR CHARLTON BACK

    Tramadol Online Echeck
  • John Harris

    Thanks Charlie
    Well written sums up my feelings 53 years of ups and downs but this is the worst I’ve seen at the valley.Ive finally given up I can’t see any change from this regime regardless of demos and protests,I hope I’m wrong but Saturday’s are going to be very different for me good luck to all for the future

    Tramadol Online Prices
  • AC

    Brilliant article and love the reference to Schmeichal’s sending off in 1994 – definitely one of my top footballing moments, along with Jim Melrose’s 9 second goal, the St. Andrews Play off final and of course Sacha’s save. Seems hard to imagine this happening right now……..things can only get better!

    Us Tramadol Online
  • Chris Thompson

    Your article very accurately addresses the WHAT has happened to the club but I can’t fathom the WHY? Why would anybody, even a super-rich egomaniac, invest their money and then, apparently intentionally, devalue their own asset? There is an almost accepted perception among the fans that the owner is purposely and wilfully ruining CAFC. What I haven’t heard is a theory as to why he would do this? Other than that he is so wealthy that he just isn’t focused on this mere bauble at the bottom of his treasure chest, I can’t see why he would want his name to be tarnished and trashed so thoroughly and his balance sheet reduced in value. Thoughts and theories?

    Jual Tramadol Online
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