It hardly seems possible for a day still lodged so vividly in the memory but it’s now twenty-one years since ninety-six people went to a football match on a warm spring day at Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield and never came home.
Many of you reading this will have made hundreds of similar journeys, so many that you barely give them a thought any more. Waking on matchday morning with that warm sense of anticipation, the regular routine, leaving the house, coat, keys, money, closing the front door, heading for the ground and spotting fellow travellers by their scarves or replica shirts, the anticipation and excitement building steadily even for the most humdrum of games.
Then the final walk to the stadium, tens, then hundreds, then thousands of people falling into line, the drumming of footsteps, ordinary streets becoming conduits of conversation and nervous tension, playful rivers of humanity, the thunder of thousands of footsoles in unison as the crowd becomes one entity. The shouts of the programme sellers, the smell of frying onions, the queues snaking out of the chip shops and the drinkers spilling onto the street outside the pubs.
The stadium comes into view, you rummage in your pocket for your ticket, hail friends and nod at familiar faces, join the queue, hear the tannoy announcements from inside muffled on the breeze, the occasional communal song drifts over. The turnstile clicks and you’re onto a cool concrete concourse, you climb the stairs with your fellow fans, people from every background united by this club, this institution to which you all lost your hearts irrevocably in the innocence of childhood when even mediocre players were beyond heroic. Then you climb the last set of steps and the green of the pitch is the first thing that hits you, then the energy of the crowd, the sense of being a part of something, the glory of the familiar, a common passion and faith invested in the eleven men in coloured shirts about to emerge from the tunnel in the corner of the stadium.
For me nothing tops the anticipation and exhilaration of match day. The events that unfold on the field may frustrate you, may make you angry, may make you vow never to come back and watch that shower of shite ever again, but you know full well that next week or the week after, you’ll wake with that same feeling in your stomach and the delicious routine will start all over again.
Ninety-six people went through that exact same routine on their way to Hillsborough on 15 April 1989 leaving beds unmade, breakfast crockery in sinks, letters unopened to be read later, the mundanity of the everyday even less important than usual on FA Cup semi-final day.
They never came home.
Those of us old enough to remember the days before Hillsborough will remember the crushes outside turnstiles, being lifted bodily by the crowd, losing all independent movement, literally going with the flow and looking at each other and laughing nervously because after all, this is only a football match and nobody dies going to a football match.
The reasons why those ninety-six people still await the dignity of justice more than two decades on are far better expressed elsewhere, but today please remember the ninety-six people who went to a football match full of hope, happiness and excitement and never came home. Remember the unmade beds, the breakfast crockery in the sink and the unopened letters.
Twenty-one years ago today ninety-six people went to a football match from which they never returned. It could have been any of us. Please remember them.
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