The meeting at the RNLI went really well on Friday even if I was nearly run over by Ben Fogle in the car park. He seems to be gunning for me since the Rockall fiasco earlier this year. I think he may actually be trying to assassinate me.
Yesterday I went to World Travel Market at Excel in Docklands. I absolutely hate things like that. Any event where you have to wear a name badge and there’s no natural light whatsoever is my idea of hell. There was a guy wandering around dressed as a mobile phone who must have bumped into me at least three times. He doesn’t know how close he came to getting a kick right up the hash key.
I bailed out at lunchtime and went to meet my mate Jon, who edits International Rugby News magazine. A quick lunchtime drink turned into a full afternoon session in the course of which we managed to see off six bottles of wine. So I feel great this morning, as you can imagine. I’d gone there with every intention of knocking my Rugby News column on the head, but came out with a black wine ring around my lips, purple gums and a whole list of ideas for future columns.
It seems Attention All Shipping has made it into Ottakar’s bookshops’ best books of the year again. So hurrah for that.