Blimey, my agent knows how to cheer me up. In these days of suicide bombs and people being executed for wearing clothes deemed inappropriate for prevailing weather conditions, I’ve been sent a document detailing what happens to the copyright on my books in the event of my death. Which really put my hat at a jaunty angle on the side of my head, I can tell you.
Another pre-season win for the mighty Charlton last night who are, and I hardly dare say this, looking quite good at the moment. Normally as a new season approaches I am the ultimate pessimist, convinced we’re in for a really dreadful season. Growing up, I was usually right. Last summer however, I was unfeasibly optimistic – we’d signed some good players who could only improve on the rather spiffy 2003-04 campaign.
Then we went to Bolton on the first day of the season and got tanked 4-1. I vowed never to sully my summer with Charlton-related optimisim again.
But, having seen us dismiss QPR 3-0 last night, Lady Optimist has started tugging at my sleeve again. We have a decent midfield – Alexei Smertin looked great last night – and a striker who can score goals in Darren Bent (a hat-trick last night). A bit more strength at the back and we’d have a good side. There, I’ve gone and said it. We play Sunderland away in two weeks – expect another 4-1 drubbing as the prelude to a season of struggle.
Nearly finished the Liechtenstein update chapter for the new edition of Stamping Grounds. Well, to be honest, I haven’t properly started it yet. I’m gathering information at the moment. Honest guv.
I had hoped to be in Canada all next week, but apparently there’s some kind of national holiday so the flights are rumblingly expensive. Hence I’ve had to put that trip off for a couple of weeks, but I am arranging a visit to Tashkent which should be very exciting. I’m also about to start the laborious process of obtaining a journalists’ I-visa for the numerous trips I’ll be making to the US for the new book. Apparently they used to really make you jump through hoops, but it’s not so bad now. You don’t have to perform a selection of hits from Broadway shows while unicycling up and down a see-saw any more, for example.