The third series of Traveller’s Tree has been and gone, and once again I’ve learnt loads from working with the national treasure that is Fi Glover. It’s hard to believe that three whole series have now gone by; it only seems like yesterday that we did the pilot show (one I was convinced that I’d completely messed up due to my sheer ineptitude – I still haven’t had the nerve to put in an invoice for it, and it’s nearly two years ago now).
In other news, poor old Liechtenstein has been getting it in the neck after the head of the German Post Office was fingered for tax evasion with bank accounts in the tiny prinicipality that produces the world’s favourite football team. I should point out that I did not take advantage of my time in Liechtenstein by depositing money in one of the hush-hush banks, but only because I haven’t got any money.
Work on the new book continues to progress; in fact I’m shortly off to Scotland for the next jaunt in its inevitable progress towards the nation’s bookshops. Given the impending deadline, several long and bleary nights of Red Bull and Wotsits await over the next couple of months.
Hats off to my showbiz pal Sid Griffin, whose new book about Bob Dylan is apparently receiving swanky celebrity endorsement. I saw Sid’s Coal Porters Bluegrass Band last week, and they just get better and better every time I see them. Their new album has been getting rave reviews everywhere from Uncut to the Sunday Times, and well deserved they are too.
Right, back to the coalface I go. Wotsit, anyone?