No news as yet on the audiobook poll (I popped over to the website a couple of days ago and you could still vote, even though the closing date was 18th July), but stay tuned to this channel for devleopments as they happen. Our correspondents are standing by as the world waits with bated breath.
I head back to London tomorrow to record the links for the Radio 4 programme I’ve made about Noel Coward’s poetry. Charlotte the producer sent me the rough cut last week and she’s done an amazing job of cutting things together. Shame I have to put my half-baked nasal whining over the top of it now, really. There are some terrific interviews with some possibly unexpected people, and I am more excited about this than any other piece of broadcasting I’ve done; and not just because it’s just me on my own rather than as the fragrant Fi Glover’s sidekick.
It’s going out on August 31st; more details nearer the time. It’s weird to think I’ll be going back to London as a visitor rather than a resident.