The short tour of Scotland last week was an absolute blast. The talk at the Aberdeen Music Hall on Wednesday went terrifically well, with a crowd knocking on 250 which ain’t too shabby a turnout when you consider that this was a Wednesday lunchtime. A fantastic venue too: a proper old Victorian music hall. I felt like should have been wearing a straw boater and a stripey blazer and following a husband and wife novelty juggling act. A great crowd too, some of whom had travelled from as afar away as Edinburgh.
I had to set off straight for Glasgow afterwards, where I happened to be booked into the same hotel on the same night as an old editor of mine was having his leaving do. It was also the night of the Champions’ League final, so imagine our delight when the fire alarm went off in the middle of extra time and we were turfed out onto the street in the rain. Fortunately we could see the TV through a window. Standing outside in the pouring rain with a crap view of a football match was very remniscent of watching Charlton at Selhurst Park in the eighties, as it happens.
Ever the professional, with a series of interviews and an event at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall the next day I of course had an early night. Well, 3.30am is possibly early night in some time zones. Hence I looked pretty shabby the next morning – imagine my delight when the Scottish Sun sent a photographer along with the reporter for a post-breakfast interview. At least they could use the pictures for some kind of alcohol awareness campaign.
The event went really well, despite my having had four hours’ sleep. I was interviewed on stage by Radio Scotland’s Iain Anderson, sitting on sofas and everything. It was just like daytime television. Another great crowd of 250 plus, and a great reaction too. The interview format worked really well, as Iain prompted tales that I don’t normally mention when I do the one-man show. Hence it was all a bit more spontaneous. Another great venue too, and it was nice to see Douglas, one of the civil servants who rescued me from Barra, in the audience.
Although it was only an overnight visit I was still absolutely knackered, but then if you choose to spend the evening in a bar with a load of Scottish journos, what do you expect?
A busy week of work and meetings ahead this week. I’ve also spent the weekend working on a frankly bizarre piece of writing, something that you’ll all laugh heartily about when I can actuall reveal what it is. Mum’s the word for the moment, but you’ll be the first to know. And believe me, it’ll be worth it.