So, the Holiday film went out last night. I’d just come back from Canada on an overnight flight, but just about managed to stay awake long enough. My first thought was “who’s that fat bloke who sounds a bit like me?”, before realising that I am actually a bit of a fat bloke. They say television puts weight on you, but I would say it’s more to do with sitting on your backside all day and living near a street with about a dozen good restaurants.
My friend Mick texted me after the programme – his seven year old daughter had apparently seen my phizzog gurning out of the TV and commented, astutely, “ooh look, there’s Charlie. He’s got a funny fat face.”
There’s a page pertaining to the film on the BBC Holiday website, so those of you who didn’t see the film still have the opportunity to see me in a suit in the moving picture montage at the top of the page. It’s an alarming sight.
The film was centred around the marvellous Castle of Park, run by the lovely Bill and Lois Breckon and their smashing young daughters, of whom there’s a picture on this page with a dodgy looking fat bloke.