Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch since the latest incidents – the thing with London is that it’s such a huge city that you’d have to be really, dreadfully unlucky to be caught up in something like that. There are, what, about seven million people in London, so you can’t really change your life or routine. It’s like playing Russian roulette with a single bullet and a gun with seven million empty chambers.
I was at the Museum in Docklands yesterday, where part of the exhibition deals with how the blitz targeted the docks. My family’s from Silvertown, right in the heart of the old docks, and I can still remember my grandmother describing vividly Black Saturday, the 7th September 1940 when the blitz started in earnest. My grandparents had to flee Silvertown on a motorbike, dodging falling buildings and fires, my nan riding pillion with my three month old mother in her arms. Hundreds of people were killed, yet life carried on as close to normal as possible.
That’s what London’s all about, and it’s what Londoners are all about. Now, I’m off to get a bus to the station and a tube into town.