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  • Oliver Rennert

    Dear Charlie,
    I fully concur with your feelings regarding Clive James. It has been some time since I last read or watched him – during a 13-year stint in Australia, mainly – but his sort of effervescent irreverence is what the world sorely needs, because it seems coupled with a basic love of humainity and an underlying understanding of how frail our lives really are – and how dependent on pure chance. I’ve loved every bit of his writing and, like you, the education his work provides could not be paid for with umpteen trailer loads of solid gold. I envy you your eye-contact episode, and I am sure you are right in your assessment: Clive James probably does understand. I am very sorry to hear he has terminal cancer. Every self-respecting flagpole round the world should lower to half-mast for a week whatever rag it is flying on the inevitable day of Clive’s passing.
    All the best to you, and your work. Your sense of humour and wit makes you a worthy successor to Clive’s work. You have been a good apprentice, Charlie!

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  • Mary Pitt

    Ditto. Not as much of a completist, but I do admire a writer who can handle both heavy subjects and humor with an equal deftness. If you like Clive’s writing, you might want to read the work of one of his admirers (If you haven’t already), Dick Cavett.
    And keep up the good work yourself. It ain’t always easy to get it right, but scribes like you and Clive do.

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  • Neal Champion

    I found this post while searching Clive James, driven by his recent poetry about his anticipated death. I feel much the same as you, having read almost everything he’s published, and really I feel like he’s responsible for much of my adult education. I know he is old, and pretty unwell, but the thought of him not being here any more fills me with dread and pre-emptive regret.

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