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  • Dave Mills

    Hi Charlie
    I am said Dave of this fabled graffiti and gusset noteriety.
    I too went away for several years, down under, where I learned this homage by a colleague to my underpants sported at the time we were working on Jubilee Line Extension at London Bridge had been destroyed by an odd symmetry the need to use the yard to support the
    Crossrail! Big Daves Gusset spawned by the biggest civil engineering project of the mid 90s, destroyed by the same biggest twenty years on.
    Now however I have written a book about my time at London Bridge titled you guessed it ‘Big
    Daves Gusset – Tawdry Tales Tunneling The Jubilee Line Extension’!
    I wonder if as an author you’d be available to proof read and aid getting it published?
    I haven’t taken these steps yet…
    Dave Mills

    Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk
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