My sister’s gallery opening went really well. Apparently it’s quite big news on the contemporary art scene, which is probably why it completely passed me by.
I’ve never been to a gallery opening before, and it was quite funny to watch a couple of drunks wandering around – no-one was quite sure whether they were just passing soaks who’d wandered in off the street or important artists, so they were indulged to great effect.
Really cracking on with the book at the moment, which seems to be taking up all my time. If you’ve e-mailed me in the last six weeks or so and not received a response, I’m not ignoring you, honest, I’ve just got way behind in my correspondence. I will get back to you when I can, I promise.
I’m so busy in fact that I’ve just had to turn down a really very nice invitation from the good burghers of Kilrush to attend their St Patrick’s Day parade. Readers of Attention All Shipping might recall that I had a very nice couple of days there and would have loved to go back. Alas pressure of work (probably the result of previous procrastination, admittedly) means I can’t on this occasion unless they can helpfully move St Patrick’s Day to a couple of weeks later.
In other news, my film about Denmark for the BBC Holiday programme goes out next Monday, the 27th, on BBC1 at 7pm. Marvel at how fat I look, and chuckle at the hilarious sunburnt face I received as a result of four hours on a replica Viking sailing ship.
Off to Germany tomorrow, which should be fun.