It’s been visitors galore chez Connelly lately. Having waved my showbiz pal Chris off at the airport on Friday night, I hung around the bar until Amanda arrived. Amanda was my first ever TV director and directed the Holiday programme Mills and Boon film. Despite my presence on screen it still won an award, which gives you some idea of how brilliant Amanda must be at her job.
It was brilliant to catch up with her and, as usual, she came up with all the best ideas of things to do; the most notable being going to see The Secret Of Kells at the pictures. What an incredible film. The fact that Brendan Gleeson provides one of the voices is reason enough to see it, but I can’t remember the last time I saw something so beautifully made, so breathtakingly magical, at the cinema. It’s an animated film, but it’s not a kids’ film (although I’m sure kids would love it). I can’t emphasise just how startlingly brilliant this film is, so if it’s on in your area then please, please go and see it. You really won’t be disappointed.
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