Thanks to everyone who’s e-mailed me about Chris Petit’s review in the Guardian since the weekend. I was starting to worry that by taking exception to it I was turning into a precious, huffy author who couldn’t handle criticism, but if your messages are anything to go by I was right to think that this review was deeply bizarre and couldn’t seem to grasp the basic premise of the book in the slightest. Where on earth did I ever say I was a ‘non-driver’ for example? In the very first chapter, nay, the first pages I drive to Scotland and back. Hats off to Chris for the weirdest review I’ve ever had. Even my attention to detail is better than that, and I’m the most disorganised man in the world.
But I’m not going to go on about it. Oh, hang on, yes I am. OK, I won’t mention it again. Do read the review via the link above though, it’s absolutely worth it for the entertainment value alone.
Talking of Elvis, proof at last that he is alive, well, and voting in the Papua New Guinea elections.
And of course don’t forget to keep up with my ukulele blog.