I’ve finished the basics of the (hopefully) temporary And Did Those Feet website, which you can access here.Hopefully I’ll be able to shift it over to this site once Richard the Web Genius emerges from his hibernation.
Some very sad news yesterday; the passing of John Martyn. I worked on a travelling music festival in the early nineties at which John was a regular performer, so we knew him to say hello to and have the occasional pint with. We’d usually find a local pub in each city that would give the festival staff a lock-in once we’d secured the site for the night after the show and were in need of sustenance. One night we were in such a hostelry, I think was in Portsmouth, and at about 1am there was a hammering at the door. A few nervous glances were exchanged, but the bellowing that accompanied the hammering revealed it was John Martyn. In he swept, bought everyone in the place a triple vodka and orange and proceeded to get thoroughly stuck in himself. A great guy and terrific company.
The next morning I was awoken in my caravan by a bit of a commotion outside that seemed to involve much merriment. Apparently one of the crew had gone for an early morning wee and seen a pair of bare feet sticking out of a big wheelie bin. Sho’ nuff, inside the bin was a slumbering John Martyn.
When he awoke, he had no idea how he came to be sleeping in a wheelie bin; nor had he any idea what had happened to his shoes and socks.
A gentleman, a fine musician and a man who more than stood his round.