I’ve got a new laptop and a wireless connection which, for someone like me who thinks technology should have called it a day and gone to the pub after the abacus is a fairly daunting prospect. It’s witchcraft I tell you, witchcraft!
Wireless is great though, and I’ve spent most of the week finding obscure and out of the way places in the flat to waste time on the internet. It was when I tried to fold myself into the fireplace that I realised things were going a bit too far.
A big thanks to everyone who’s taken the trouble to get in touch via the ‘feedback’ page – I really appreciate all your comments about the book (particularly the one from a lady thanking me for “keeping me entertained in bed for the last fortnight”). When you write a book, you kinda lose touch with it after its published and can lose sight of the fact that people do actually read it. So thanks, and keep the messages coming.
In other news, it seems Time Warner will be reissuing Stamping Grounds later this year with a new chapter to update things on the Liechtenstein front. I can’t believe that it’s almost exactly three years since the original edition came out, and nearly five years since I first went to Liechtenstein. Hell’s bells, it only seems like yesterday that I was sliding through a cowpat and into a hedge on my first visit to Vaduz.
A week of research lies ahead, although I will most likely be pining for the lovely Donna who jets off to New Zealand tomorrow en route to the British Lions tour (although I’m not sure what position she’s playing). A whole month of fending for myself. Yikes.