Within the past few minutes I’ve finally e-mailed off the revisions to the Elvis manuscript suggested by my saintly and frankly magnificent editor Sarah Shrubb, and Time Warner’s in-house lawyer who is understandably keen to keep me and more importantly Time Warner out of the libel courts.
In other news, Prince Michael of Sealand has opened a disaster relief fund in response to the recent fire. I’ve had loads of e-mails from people who particularly enjoyed the Sealand chapter since the book came out so now, quite frankly, it’s time to put your money where your mouths are. If you’re feeling flush, put your hand in your cyber-pocket and donate securely online via this page.
While you’re hand is ensconced in your cyber-pocket, you could do worse than show your appreciation for the genius that is Richard Else. Richard designed and maintains the website for me, and rather fine it is too I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact I’ve been told by a rather large and very famous publishing house – not my own – that they use this site as an example of what an author’s website should be. Every last scrap of credit for this site goes to Richard, who is doing the Great South Run in October in aid of the Stroke Association, so please drop any spare cyber-change into his cyber-tin via this page.
While I think of it, if Huw the lifeboatman from Wales who e-mailed me recently is reading this, I tried to reply but my e-mail bounced back as undeliverable. Can you drop me a line again?
Right, off to Berlin in the morning, back on Monday. Try and manage without me while I’m gone, difficult as that may be.