I’m off to Liechtenstein in the morning for the first time in ages. A couple of years in fact. The mighty team from the Principality take on World Cup hopefuls Togo on Friday, a tie too mouthwatering to resist. No, stop sniggering, it is.
I’ve not been back since the England game in 2003, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s changed. Drink will be taken no doubt, not least with the sportswriting legend Ernst Hasler, and it’ll be good to catch up with the players. I’ll also be talking to a Swiss documentary crew about participating in a series they’re making about the team. All good fun.
I’ve spent today laughing uproariously at Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan’s antics regarding Charlton’s appointment of Iain Dowie as manager. Now, we Charlton fans have a mixed opinion of Palace that ranges from detached amusement to outright hostility, but Simon Jordan has ensured that in the great circus of football Crystal Palace will always be the old-fashioned fire-engine careering into the ring with clowns hanging off the ladders. If Jordan’s appearance wasn’t hilarious enough, his performance today elevates him to a place among the great clowns with Will Kempe, Joey Grimaldi and Charlie Corroli. All he needs now is a buttonhole flower that squirts water.
If you see the television footage of the guy trying to serve the writ being pounced on by security, the unflappable chaps next to the kerfuffle are my mates Mick and Jon incidentally.
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