Tonight sees the latest episode in the frankly ludicrous efforts of some to put Connelly on the telly. I’ve done a film for the Holiday programme about Denmark and it goes out at 7pm this evening on BBC1.
As you’ll see I have little idea of what I’m doing. In fact the question most will be asking is, “what is that scruffy, pasty-faced, tubby little chap with sheer blind panic in his eyes doing on my television before the watershed?”
I did get quite badly sunburnt during the Viking sailing ship sequence, so there are a couple of scenes in which I look as though I’ve recently mistaken a George Foreman grill for a face flannel, but at least then in terms of colouring if nothing else, you can tell me apart from Homer Simpson. Telly does put weight on you, you know. And so does beer and no exercise, but I know which I’m blaming.
Germany was fun, if very, very cold. Managed to track down a man who knew Elvis while he was in the army there though, and recreate the cover of ‘A Big Hunk O’ Love’. Here’s the original cover, and here’s the updated version
You may also recall that a couple of weeks ago I went to my sister’s art gallery opening in Brighton. As you can see from the family picture taken there, she inherited the brains and looks that I didn’t. I’m on the right. Could you tell?