Well, with a sense of ceremony equivalent to the dampest of squibs, the book is finally finished. It’s now time for me to rejoin human society (once I’ve shaved off this long beard that sems to have an accumulation of animal bones inserted in it, somehow).
I have a huge pile of discarded pizza boxes and empty Red Bull cans to climb over once I leave my office chair for the first time in weeks, but once I’ve remembered where the shower is and how to wear clothes, I shall indeed be placing my hat on the side of my head and wearing a rainbow around my shoulders.
There’s always a sense of anticlimax involved in finishing a book. In the good old days, you’d print off hundreds of pages and shove them into a big jiffy bag with a couple of floppy disks, heave it off to the post office and then spend the rest of the day in the pub. At least then there was some kind of ceremony involved. In these cybertimes however, you type a quick e-mail, attach some Word documents and press send. A little blue number one appears briefly next to the word ‘Outbox’ and then that’s it, it’s gone.
I did have one brief excursion into humanity last week however, when I gave a talk about being a writer at Brixton Library as part of the Lambeth Literary Festival, where I inadvertently divulged a few secrets of the trade such as how once you trouser an advance you get to sit in your pants watching Neighbours for three months. It was a fun night, although I’m not sure anything I said was of particular benefit to the assorted students and hopefuls gathered in the room.
In other news, it seems that despite my gibbering like a gibbon throughout the pilot, the Radio 4 series has been given the green light for later this year. More news on that as it happens.
For now though, I intend to indulge in some well-earned R&R. I’m way behind on my correspondence however, so if you’ve dropped me a line at any point since about January and not received a response, rest assured I shall be ploughing through my creakingly full inbox in the next few days.
I shall also be producing the next North Atlantic Drifter newsletter in the near future, so if you haven’t signed up yet join the happy thousands in the fun room here.