Readers of Attention All Shipping might recall me talking about my great grandfather Harry Greenwood, whose accidental eight-month booze-induced voyage halfway around the world partly inspired my shipping forecast odyssey.
I carried a picture of Harry with me throughout my journeys. Well the other day I came across it in a drawer. It now sits in its rightful place in a frame over my desk, but not before it had passed through my scanner. So here he is, my hero, my great-grandfather Harry Greenwood who had one too many with the crew while taking laundry back to a ship in London’s Royal Docks, and ended up on the other side of the planet.
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And here’s the message he wrote on the back; a thinly disguised exhortation to buy him a drink.
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If, for some inexplicable reason, you haven’t read Attention All Shipping and want to find out what this sprightly looking cove in natty headgear has to do with the shipping forecast, you can do so by buying the book here.
My e-mail server’s still playing up by the way, and I’m having trouble sending outgoing mail. Hence if you’re waiting for an e-mail from me, it’s somewhere out there, honest.