I know, I know, it’s been a long time since the last update. So what do you want, your money back?
It’s been a fairly eventful few weeks, as it happens. Last Thursday I gave a talk at the National Maritime Museum, which was a whole big bunch of fun. As readers of Attention All Shipping will recall, my journey pretty much started and ended there and, being a local lad, I’ve always been a big fan of the place. You might remember that last summer I was asked to open a couple of exhibitions there. It was an invitation that fair put my hat on the side of my head but made me wonder why they’d want a scruffy, unshaven travel hack making their nice museum look untidy. I can’t have done too badly though, as they asked me back to speak. That, incidentally, was the only occasion where I’ve been bugled to and from the microphone by four buglers.
The talk went really well – inasmuch as nobody left early or threw anything. They even laughed in all the right places.
I’ve also been working on an idea for the next book which, if it comes off, will involve a fair old journey across two oceans and a continent. Much of it will be undertaken by hitching lifts on ships, so I was indebted to the Director of the Maritime Museum for plugging this fact to an audience that consisted of several bigwigs from major global shipping companies. Hurrah!
Last night was the British Guild of Travel Writers’ summer jolly up, which was hosted by the nice people at the Regent’s Park Open-Air Theatre. Even the most cynical hacks amongst us were blown away by the performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – it was absolutely magical in every way, and in the perfect setting too. If you have even the slightest chance of seeing it, please do so – it’s breathtakingly good. It’s even got Anthony’s girlfriend from the Royle Family and a bloke out of Blake’s 7 in it.
I’ve been working on some television proposals too, given the fact that several people seem inexplicably keen to put me on the telly. As if my sunburnt, rabbit-in-headlights performances on the Holiday programme weren’t enough to deter them. Ah well, if anything happens here’s hoping it goes out after the watershed – can’t have my big stupid face frightening the children.
Add to that moving house, practising the ukuele, the World Cup and the excitement of the launch of the new Charlton kit, it’s been an eventful old time chez Connelly. No, honestly, it has.