As you’ll no doubt be aware, August 23rd is the 130th birthday of the ukulele. You weren’t? Really? Oh.
Well, it’s also the day after my birthday and, most excitingly, the premiere of my new one man show How The Ukulele Saved The World. Oh goodness me, yes. It’s all part of the frankly snazzy Happy Birthday To Uke: Dublin Ukulele Birthday Party taking place at Bewley’s Café Theatre on Dublin’s legendary Grafton Street at 8pm on August 23rd.
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I’ll be guiding an undoubtedly agog audience through the history and culture of the ukulele, a history that includes such unlikely bedfellows as Peter Sellers, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Spongebob Squarepants.
As well as me banging on about the uke (infinitely preferable to my actually playing it, incidentally) there’ll be appearances from Ireland’s top solo ukulele singer/songwriter Peter Delaney and the frankly outstanding Sick and Indigent Song Club, arguably Dublin’s finest live band featuring Greenock’s finest ukulele chanteuse Angie McLaughlin.
All for ten of your European Euros. Booking info can be found here.
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