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  • Steve Urquhart

    Well… I didn’t realise it was such a significant day when I read the Shipping Bulletin out loud on Radio 4 at 00:48 this morning… but now I do! Very nice piece, Charlie.

    Tramadol Buyers
  • Bill Callaghan

    Thanks Charlie
    What a lovely read as I’m tucked up in bed and listening to the windows rattle.
    For me, the Shipping Forecast was about whether the weather was going to stop me going afloat that day, now I listen to the areas sounding off in the morning, I think of those at sea and know generally how the day will pan out weather wise here inland.
    I do miss the morning’s ‘UK Theme’, it was such a smashing alert to grab a pen and make notes; I never liked Sailing By, after staying up hours (often a little drunk) to get the forecast it would usually send to me into a mini sleep and I’d wake up having missed ‘Malin’ now though it’s on my ‘Go to Sleep’ Playlist.
    Thanks again and Happy Ninetieth old Girl!

    By Tramadol Online Uk
  • Charlie

    Sorry folks that waited ages for me to approve comments there – for some reason WordPress didn’t alert me to them, I haven’t spent all this time mulling them over, honest.

    Tramadol Online Texas
  • Vishrant T.

    Being an Indian, I didn’t know much about the shipping forecast before reading your brilliant book.
    Chuckling ,guffawing and being amazed in equal measure throughout the entire book, I found it an extremely enjoyable and informative experience. Hope that you visit India some time and write another gem of a travelogue.

    Online Tramadol Overnight
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