Hats off to Beecham’s All-In-One – Connelly recidivivus. The cold that’s laid me low for most of the week (and given me some really weird dreams too – the one about playing for Cork in the All-Ireland hurling final while simultaneously renovating a house in Bexley that was being squatted in by a young family with a pet wildebeest was a particular highlight) seems finally to be in remission and I’m almost ready to rejoin the human race. Watch out world, eh? Eh?
The shipping forecast is getting hipper and groovier by the week. As if it wasn’t already. Beck used it on a recent album track, Blur featured it on This Is A Low, while even the slightly less hip and groovy Tears For Fears were inspired by the forecast to pen their track Pharaohs (Faroes, geddit?).
Well, now it appears that dance outfit (as in group, I don’t mean leotards and leggings) The Young Punx have joined the illustrious list of musicians of maritime meteorology in releasing their EP Rockall. The EP features four mixes of the track which features a real recording of the forecast and, according to that well-known barometer of the zeitgeist the Sunday Mirror today, is “going to be massive, a funky mix of the old and new”. Rather like myself in fact.
According to a reviewer on iTunes, “the reader’s sectorian [huh?] tones are planted over a dirty electro house groove which itself presses the right carnage buttons. The original is the killer but there are remixes by Ben Braund grunging up Gary Numan grooves and Phonat in electro breaks mode”. Which is exactly what I was thinking. And when Phonat’s in electro breaks mode, you know it’s got to be good.
In a bid to prove that I am as comfortable in the twenty-first century as the next man, I’ve put together a shipping forecast iMix over at iTunes, featuring all the essential tracks to accompany Attention All Shipping. If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise, you should find it here.
My recent quarantine has given me itchy feet, and that’s nothing to do with not having washed any socks for a while. I’m itching to start on a new book now, but the contract negotiations are a slow process. I’ve even been thinking of leaving the country and moving to Ireland. Or Scotland. Or the Faroe Islands. But that could just be the medication.