Just a quickie from the stiflingly hot ‘business centre’ at the Sarajevo Holiday Inn (two unattended PCs churning out relentless heat in a tiny windowless room).
Sarajevo has reaffirmed itself as my favourite city. Incredible people (a colleague and I walked into a bar to exactly double the number of customers and walked out later with presents, hugs, kisses, exchanged e-mail addresses and solemn vows to return for new year), a beautiful old town and some frankly spiffing bars and restaurants. Off to Uzbekistan next, where according to the BBC website the temperature has not dropped below 35 degrees for weeks. Good job I don’t hate hot weather with a passion, isn’t it? Oh.
Better sign off, there’s a fearsomely coiffured hotel receptionist giving me the skunk eye for being in here too long, and I’ve just changed the background desktop pictures from the Holiday Inn logo to a full-screen photograph of Les Dawson’s smiling face on one machine, and a picture of Morecambe and Wise with Eric holding a placard reading ‘Hands Off Little Ern’ on the other. They’ll never know it was me.
Will try and update from Uzbekistan if I can. More news as it happens. Or possibly not.