First off, you may have noticed that some posts keep disappearing from this page; a technical issue that Richard the Web Genius has his crack team of cutting edge techies on as we speak.
Last night I was out for a pint with a ukulele pal in one of my favourite Dublin hostelries, when I realised that sitting not six feet away from me on the other side of the partition was Tom Goodman-Hill. Not a name that might be immediately familiar, other than the fact that he’s the actor who read Attention All Shipping when it was BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week back in the day (he was also in The Office which is how I spotted him). My companions were keen for me to go and say hello, but I wasn’t keen at all. No siree. It would have been half a day’s work for him, nearly five years ago at BBC rates. Not exactly a career highlight and not something he’d even remember. The last thing he’d have wanted was some Guinness-swilling goon wandering over and saying “you read my book” when he was trying to have a quiet pint and a chat with the bloke who played Lord Percy in Blackadder.
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