This message comes to you peppered with sniffs, coughs and the musky whiff of Vick’s Vapo-Rub, as I have been laid low with a hefty cold. I was in Edinburgh at the weekend and it was quite unnecessarily freezing, hence I’ve come back infested with germs of a particularly celtic tinge. So don’t get too close to the screen as you read this.
Hence I probably sounded like the bloke out of the vintage Tunes advert who wanted two tickets to Nottingham on yesterday’s Traveller’s Tree. My showbiz wife Fi Glover was also suffering, and with our respective coughs she predicted the programme could end up sounding like ‘Tuberculosis Nostalgia Hour’. Hopefully it didn’t.
Only one more show to go in the current series now, and somehow I’ve got nearly to the end without being rumbled as the fraud and charlatan that I undoubtedly am. It’s a bit unnerving being described as an expert, as the only things in which I have the slightest expertise are Charlton Athletic teams of the 1980s, Buster Keaton two-reelers and currently UK cold remedies of the early 21st century.
News this week that a statue of Elvis Presley will be erected outside the Neal S Blaisdell Centre in Honolulu, the location of Elvis’s legendary ‘Aloha From Hawaii’ show. Now, those of you who’ve read In Search of Elvis will recall that I strummed a reflective version of Blue Moon of Kentucky outside the venue on my ukulele, and the fact that the statue announcment comes almost exactly a year after my performance leads me to believe that the memorial is actually for my performance rather than Elvis’s.
Talking of the ukulele, my current obsession with the little instrument has prompted me to start a ukulele blog. There’ll be a ukulele page going up on this website shortly, but if a whole bunch of self-indulgent ukulele whimsy’s your thing, then here is the place to be.