It’s been a while since my last update, but don’t be fooled into thinking that I’ve been lazing around flicking playing cards into a top hat. Nothing could be further from the truth. No siree.
In fact I’ve been walking. And walking some more. And doing a bit more walking for good measure. After my Norwich to St Albans odyssey, I’ve walked 334 miles from York to Hastings and just spent two weeks squelching across Wales. How can so much rain fall on one small country? All good fayre for the new book, mind. As well as all sorts of scrapes, adventures and royster-doystering – not to mention seeing a ghost – I have proved to myself that, despite theories to the contrary, I can actually grow a beard and not have it removed by a strong wind. Not that I particularly want to have a beard, but hey, at least I know I can.
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In fact 2008 promises to be an eventful year all round, face fungus or no face fungus. Not only am I leaner and fitter than ever before – steady, girls – there are quite a few things in the pipeline. Travellers’ Tree returns to Radio 4 in mid-January, I’m making a radio programme abouit Noel Coward and there are several exciting television thingybobs in the pipeline. Most television thingybobs seem to end up staying in the pipeline, but these ones have a better chance than most.
Meanwhile, it’s not too late for you to stock up on your Connelly books and audiobooks in time for Christmas. Clicking on ‘books’ up top there is probably your best bet.
In other news, you’re looking at Country Walking magazine’s newest columnist, and my showbiz travelling pal Polly has relaunched her website in a very snazzy fashion.