I felt all young again last night. Had a bit of a reunion with my old friends Fiona and Gaby, with whom I used to work in the music business. Not seen either of them for the best part of ten years, so it was a cracking night. Fiona now runs a record label and we met up to see one of her bands the Howling Bells at the Barfly. Very good they were too. Drinking pints out of plastic glasses and having the back of my hand stamped took me back I can tell you.
I’m also just back from Finland, where I met a Finnish academic who performs Elvis songs in Latin and ancient Sumerian, which was a whole big bunch of fun. “Don’t step on my blue suede shoes,” for example, translates back from the Sumerian as, “on my sandals of sky blue leather do not stand!”
Finland was great though, and is now my favourite country in the world. It was cold, frozen and snowy while I was there, but I was holed up in a cosy log cabin with a fire and private sauna at the rather nice Lossivahti motel and restaurant which helped to keep the cold out. As did the several glasses of Finnish brandy with which I was furnished by my extremely hospitable host Esko.
I now have a frighteningly short time to finish the book, which can now be pre-ordered from Amazon even though publication’s almost a year away.
Go on, you know you want to.