Just back from a day at the BBC, and a whole bunch of local radio interviews for In Search of Elvis. Rather than send you around the country, it’s easier for publishers to stick you in a windowless subterranean room with a pair of headphones and a microphone while various local stations pipe up down the line and cajole you into being jolly about your latest tome.
The book was ‘Critic’s Choice’ in today’s Daily Mail too, which is a bit of a surprise. Nice review in the Express as well, apparently.
Yesterday’s Traveller’s Tree seemed to go well. It was a bit less formally scripted, which allowed Fi to demonstrate why she is such a top broadcaster. While listening to the studio guests, the producer through the headphones and chaperoning this dopey co-presenter she still manages to be funny and engaging. You can listen to the show again here – be astounded at my incoherent babbling at the top of the show (as we swanky broadcasting folk call it).
Have a fun weekend, be good, play nicely.