Dublin was an absolute blast, thanks for asking. Managed to cover a lot of ground in a couple of days and get put up in a very swanky hotel, thanks very much.
I feel I should apologise to Marconi for the fact that I played the ukulele on Pat Kenny’s RTE show. Pat took over from Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show a while back and hence is Ireland’s top media personality. I think inviting me to strum my uke to the nation of Ireland could have been a bad career move for him. Still, it’s probably not as awkward a moment for him as this one was.
It’s a sign of aging though, I think, that having spent a lot of time in Dublin over the years I chose this time to eat in the hotel and have an early night, rather than search out musical and alcoholic sustenance until the early hours. Looks like my rock’n’roll years are truly over.
Maybe, though, a nice review for In Search of Elvis in Ireland’s Sunday Business Post was tugging at the back of my mind, which said, “A recurring theme in Stamping Grounds was Connelly’s fondness for liquid refreshment, with much of his sojourn in Liechtenstein being viewed through a haze of alcohol…”. Crikey was it? I don’t remember that. Which possibly proves his point.
It was terrific to be back in Ireland though, not having been for a year or two, and I am honestly seriously considering going to live there.
Right, better start mugging up for today’s Traveller’s Tree. It’s about travelling with teenagers, a subject of which I know not a jot.