Well, dang me britches if it doesn’t look all different around here. After about two years of idle promises, drunken provocation and curious rumour, charlieconnelly.com has been revamped and redesigned. And very nice it looks too. I wish I could claim credit for this, but the snazzy new look is courtesy of the very fine Richard Else from blue smog. The text, the only bit Richard didn’t design, buff up and generally make acceptable for human consumption, is still me alas, but you can’t have everything.
So. News, and that. Well, aside from generally living the high life and hanging out with celebs, not to mention being challenged to a fight by Ben Fogle via the pages of the Daily Telegraph, I’ve been working on a new book. The exact final subject matter is yet to be decided but rest assured it will be quirky, fascinating and hilarious. Or something.
It’s still all go with Attention All Shipping, mind. The new small format edition of the book is now out, with a snazzy blue cover too. See the books pages for more. Ottakar’s Bookshops have decided in their wisdom to make it their national Book of the Month for May, so wherever you are in the country you should see plenty of evidence of Shipping’s existence as you walk into the shop.
In addition, the audiobook versions have also just been released onto an unsuspecting public, on CD and audio cassette. Thankfully for the listening public I’m not reading it, rather it’s the dulcet tones of a rather fine actor called Alex Jennings who’ll be imparting my adventures into the nation’s lugs. To be honest I’ve not actually heard it yet, but the frankly marvellous Sarah Shrubb, who looks after Time Warner’s audiobooks as well as editing my books, tells me he’s a genius and it sounds great. And, by crikey, I believe her.
That’s about it for news at the moment – rest assured however that I will be updating these pages much more frequently than in the past. Which isn’t difficult, obviously, given that the speed at which I was moving on the old site was such that I was in grave danger of being run over by a glacier.
Oh, one more thing. I’ve got some speaking dates coming up. I was at Greenwich Ottakar’s last night, but I guess it’s a bit late to get to that one. Instead here are a few others. Hope to see you at one or all of them. Actually, come to think of it, if I see you at all of them I’d be a little alarmed.

  • Wednesday 25th May 2005 – Aberdeen Music Hall, 1pm
  • Thursday 26th May 2005 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 1pm
  • Friday 24th June 2005 – Isle of Wight Literary Festival, 6.30pm
  • Sunday 7th August 2005 – The Big Chill Festival, Herefordshire, time tbc.