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  • John Hayes

    I used to go to Wandsworth with my then team Marlborough 1870. Alf would be there offering various words of encouragement….but, the best bit for me was the tiny bar afterwards where we would drink with other teams and talk nonsense for an hour or so with Alf serving sometimes…great memories Charlie, I can still smell & hear those gas lamps!

    By Tramadol Online Uk
  • Evan Warren

    I used to enjoy the use of Alf Gover’si indoor door school facilities during the 60’s when I played for Old Mertonians & Beverley Park
    As as a seam bowler with little batting know how Andy Sandham gave me his free time to give me a few tips during our weekly visits to Alf’s gas lit school above the Garage at West Hill
    So I have very fond memories particularly when scoring my maiden century for Mildenhall, Cricket Club Suffolk in the 70’s
    I can still visualise Alf in his well worn England Sweater & cravat serving at his tiny bar chatting to all who participated
    The legend will live on !

    Cheap Tramadol From India
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