I’m off to the Cotswolds tomorrow for a reading and writing week. Being the Procrastinator General it’s the only way I can get any proper work done. I am a terrible procrastinator. Actually, no, I’m a brilliant procrastinator – I’m really good at it. So I’ve hired a little cottage in the Cotswolds whence I intend to hole up with the laptop, a box of books, a pile of notebooks, a crate of red wine and a bottle of whisky and crack on with writing some of the book for the next week or so.
No internet to endlessly google my own name, no e-mail (how will I last a week without receiving offers to add eight inches to my old fella, amazing cheap prescription drugs and startlingly tempting investment offers from barristers acting for dead people in Nigeria?), no Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDS, no shopping channels, no Danny Baker show on BBC London, no road rage in the street outside, no Netaddicks Charlton messageboard, no popping up the road for a pint. Well, maybe popping up the road for a pint.
So, I won’t be around for a week or so. In the meantime you could do worse than read the new book by Polly Evans that saw me through several long train and plane rides to, from and around Norway last week. Fried Eggs With Chopsticks is a terrific read about a journey Polly took around China, a country that’s always fascinated me. Polly has a similar style to me; the only difference being that she’s actually good at it.
I’ll be banging out the latest edition of the newsletter on my return, so if you haven’t done so already go and sign up here for a monthly (in theory) big bumper bundle of fun bouncing around your inbox.
OK y’all, see you next week. Be good while I’m gone. I’ve asked the neighbours to keep an eye out and I know exactly how much is in each and every bottle in the drinks cabinet.