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Any publicity, interview, book, script or broadcast enquiries are probably best directed at the appropriate person in the list to the right as I’m clueless about pretty much everything except sitting down and typing. They’re very nice and would love to hear from you.

I love going out and giving talks to rooms full of people. So, if you have an event at which you’d like your audience left agreeably entertained or just distracted from the state of the carpet for a bit, whether it’s a formal black-tie dinner, corporate event, literary society or a gathering in a room above a pub, I could well be your man.

Please send any speaking or event enquiries via the form below. Ta.

For all other feedback please use the form below too. It’s handy for that kind of thing.

Anything that can’t be sent via the magic of electricity and needs to go in the post will reach me c/o David Higham Associates, 7th Floor, Waverley House, 7–12 Noel Street, London W1F 8GQ.

Otherwise, just leave a message after the beep.

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