Rather splendid review of In Search of Elvis from the Sydney Morning Herald recently – check out how I’m just like Candide. I’m a humorist too apparently, which is news to me.
Thanks to Peter Moore for the heads up.
In other news, Traveller’s Tree returns to Radio 4 on June 21st at 3pm which should be a pip and a dandy for all concerned. Maybe even the listeners. In fact I’m off on an aeroplane-free excursion to Denmark and Sweden for the programme shortly, which promises to be a great big bumper bunch of fun.
I’m being threatened with more video evidence surfacing of mine and Stevie’s alleged ukulele performance in New York recently, which is a bit alarming. Watch this space for further developments. No, not that space, this one.
NB My web provider is currently having problems with outgoing mail. Seems as if spammers have targeted them hence other web providers have gone all Soviet-era border guard on them. So, if you’ve sent me a an e-mail and not had a response, that’ll probably be why. It’ll get there eventually. Technology, eh? We should have called it a day at the abacus.